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November 8, 2023

A weekends fairy tale about quassel-webserver

Tags: Development

Once upon a time there was a Quassel web server that found its origins many years ago, in 2014, in the repository quassel-webserver by the honorable knight magne4000.

From then on, updates in the form of elegantly dressed features and extensive bug fixes were regularly introduced until 2017.

But as time went on, time became increasingly scarce and the wilderness did what it always would do until infinity.

November 8, 2023

A weekends fairy tale about quassel-webserver (German)

Tags: Development

Es war einmal ein Quassel Webserver, der vor vielen Jahren, es war 2014, in dem Repository quassel-webserver durch den ehrenwerten Ritter magne4000 seinen Ursprung fand.

Fortan begab es sich, dass bis in das Jahr 2017 regelmäßig Aktualisierungen in Form elegant gekleideter Features und üppiger Bugfixes Einzug fanden.

Doch mit Voranschreiten der Zeit wurde eben diese Zeit auch immer knapper und die Wildnis tat, was sie immer und bis in die Unendlichkeit tun würde.

October 24, 2022

Rust based Simple Stack Machine

Tags: Development

It really wasn't easy to get a Rust development setup on my NixOS.

So here's just a litte insight into my NixOS Rust setup and my first study inspired Rust project - a Rust based Simple Stack Machine.

September 27, 2020

Receive monitoring notifications in Telegram

Tags: openITCOCKPIT | Development

I'm really annoyed ... by over 60 emails per day from my monitoring system!

If something of my infrastructure gets broken I really want to get notified.

But when a service flutters around, e.g. sometimes more and sometimes less CPU, it is good to know, but also very confusing when the whole e-mail inbox is full.

My solution is to separate very important and less relevant notifications by delivering them to different applications.